Yesterday I went to the opening of a water fountain. When it comes to openings, it´s not the most rock and roll I´ve been to, I admit!

But it is exciting, as visitors to Bristol’s Millennium Square can now ‘Tap into Bristoland drink at a free drinking fountain that Bristol Water have installed, to celebrate Bristol 2015 European Green Capital year.

People are encouraged to bring re-usable bottles and use the free water supply during their city summer outings in order to reduce plastic waste and litter – and save money.

Typical Bristol fashion, it looks cool.  There´s huge art work surrounding it by Jody @Digital-Fire so it can´t be missed. There´s also a fancy porthole to show the underground infrastructure. Not sure about you, but I don´t think about what´s going on under the ground when I turn on the tap… it makes a nice change to…

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