How to choose a good South West web development company:

If you are looking for information on how to select a good South West web development company then this post is for you?  

We have listed 5 easy steps to follow in order to help you to choose a good South West web development company.  

Follow these 5 Easy steps and whether you choose the writer of this article, or someone else, you’ll at least pick someone who can do a great website development job for you.

Step 1. Go to a prospective South West Web Development Company’s Website and make a list of their “Good” and “Bad” points.

Step 2. Good points would be; good consistent design, good user ability,  good interactivity & engagement, up to date look & feel with use of modern technology (videos, blogs, social media, e-commerce, graphics etc.), use of terminology such as “business objectives”, “return on investment (ROI)”, “your revenue goals”, “lead generation”, “increase sales” etc. as well as good grammar, mention of things such as copy writing services & search engine optimisation (SEO) services, to make your site becomes a worthwhile investment, lack of  jargon, good descriptive keyword page names (as seen in URL of each page).

Step 3. Bad points would be; bad inconsistent design, long page loading times / bad user ability, little or no interaction or engagement,  outdated look & feel with no use of newer technology (e-commerce, blogs, social media, videos, graphics), use of terminology like “branding”, “beautiful”, “passion”, “creative”, “making a difference” etc. as well as bad grammar, lack of mention about copy writing and search engine optimisation services, over use of jargon, one word non descriptive page names (as seen in URL of each page).

Step 4. Look at what they are charging and what you get for your money (Web design, Support, Hosting, Domain Registration, Additional Services, Emails, Security, Knowledge, Experience etc.)

Step 5. Select someone who has most or all of the good points, little or non of the bad point and who offers as much as possible in way of services, extra services and support for as good a price as possible (the company offering the “best value for money proposition” – not always the cheapest price).

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The How to choose a good South West Web Development Company? post was written “By Mike Armstrong”from UK SEO Agency MA Consultancy, SouthWestBizWelshBiz Marketing Brand.