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This is an app that allows Introbiz members to share Groupon Style B2B & B2C offers and deals to Introbiz members and non members.

They then promote the offers and deals to the Introbiz network, and non members via email, push notifications, social media, events and iBeacons.

About the IntrobizBox App

For more about the Introbiz members benefit App and how you can get your business on it and what it will deliver to members and non members, please see the IntrobizBox App website or follow the IntrobizBox WordPress Blog.

You can register now if you want to add your deals to the system or take advantage of the deals that are already on the system.

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You can also email

 Introbiz – Wales’ Biggest Business Network

Introbiz Expo – Wales’ Largest Business Expo

2exp Financial Services – Financial Adviser & Broker Recruitment & Mentoring

The Business Protection Company (TBPC.Ltd) – Business Protection Broker

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